Pre-Game Meeting Tips (New Lowell Minor Baseball)

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Pre-Game Meeting:

The pre-game meeting is done at the home plate with coaches, players and both umpires in a 2 person system. Here are some of the points to cover usually by the home plate umpire as the spokes person:

- Introduce yourself and your partner;

- OBA players can wear jewelry but not on pitching hand;

- Medical alert notification is acceptable;

- Point out any holes in the fence or gates;

- Point out if the warning track is soft;

- First of the year, reminder that there is no smoking;

- Go over pitching machine - no speed changes;

- On deck batters stays in the circle until play is complete;

- Helmets will be left on until the batter or the runner returns and completely inside the dugout;

- No phones or electronic devices on the playing field - dugout not considered part of the playing field

- Sportsmanship and Good Game 

This is just an example of some of the items you might cover in a pre-game meeting that occurs 5 minutes prior to game start.