Registration Fees (New Lowell Minor Baseball)

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2024 Divisions by Age

House League Fees:

$70 - 6U (T-Ball) - born 2018, 2019, 2020
$130 - 8U - born 2016, 2017
$130 - 9U - born 2015, 2016
$160 - 11U - born 2013, 2014
$170 - 13U - born 2011, 2012
$180 - 15U - born 2009, 2010
$190 - 18U+ - born 2006, 2007, 2008 {plus three overage players born in 2005}

Select Fees:

$325 - 9U - born 2015, 2016
$340 - 11U - born 2013, 2014

The additional fees for Select in comparison to House League covers YSBA Registration, YSBA Playdowns, Baseball Ontario Fees, one Invitational Tournament, additional diamond time, longer regular season schedule - umpire fees, hats, pictures, money for year end party, money to augment provincials / tournament.

Please note that Select Teams are picked by the coach of the team.

Deposit Fees: (For all Registrants)

$100 - Uniform Deposit 8U - 18U - Deposit Returned once uniform is returned. Post Date Cheques for 1 October 2024;
$100 - Volunteer Initiative Deposit - Deposit Returned at end of Season providing an parent / family has provided 3 hours of volunteer time. Post Date Cheques for 1 August 2024.

Uniform Deposit is per player except for 6U Division players. Volunteer Initiative Deposit is per family.

Deposits are to be paid at the time of the Registration Fees.

NLMBA Executive, Coaches, Assistant Coaches (max 4 / team) will be exempt from Volunteer Initiative Deposit.

 ~ Target is 12 - 14 Players for all divisions.

 Family Discount - Third and subsequent registration fees from one family can deduct $50.
    Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fee is $60 per player until 7 June 2024 after which there is NO REFUND for cancellation.
     To complete your registration you must provide:

     1. Registration fee payment;

     2. Uniform Deposit (No Uniform Deposit Required for players at 6U);

     3. Volunteer Initiative Deposit - required for the 2024 Season;

     4. Show a copy of the player's Birth Certificate at registration upon payment if this is your first year with NLMBA;

     Your registration is not complete until your Registration payment, Uniform Deposit, Volunteer Initiative Deposit and the Birth Certificate copy has been shown;  
     If this is the first year playing in the NLMBA, you will be required to show a copy of the Birth Certificate;
     Registration Payment and deposits can be completed by e-transfer, cheque or cash. Please make cheques out to - Pay to the Order of: NLMBA

     E-Transfers can be sent to: [email protected]

     Anyone who wishes to umpire must be 12 years of age and certified through Baseball Ontario's Umpire Program.