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NLMBA UIC / Scheduler

 NLMBA Scheduler for 2023 Season - contact Sherri King.

Pre-Game Meeting 

The pre-game meeting is done at the home plate with coaches, players and both umpires in a 2 person system. Here are some of the points to cover usually by the home plate umpire as the spokes person:

- Introduce yourself and your partner;

- OBA players can wear jewelry but not on pitching hand;

- Medical alert notification is acceptable;

- Point out any holes in the fence or gates;

- Point out if the warning track is soft;

- First of the year, reminder that there is no smoking;

- Go over pitching machine - no speed changes;

- On deck batters stays in the circle until play is complete;

- Helmets will be left on until the batter or the runner returns and completely inside the dugout;

- No phones or electronic devices on the playing field - dugout not considered part of the playing field

- Sportsmanship and Good Game 

This is just an example of some of the items you might cover in a pre-game meeting that occurs 5 minutes prior to game start.


Keep the Game Moving

Here are some ways that the home plate umpire can keep the game moving:

- Start the game on time;

- Limit the number of warm-up pitches to a maximum of eight, unlimited if pitcher coming in for injury;

- Do not be afraid to call strikes and be consistent;

- Get the players to hustle on and off the field as well as an umpire you need to hustle;

- Do not visit your partner every half inning;

- Be loud with your calls;

- Ensure warm-up baseballs are in before the last warm-up pitch;

- Avoid needless time-outs; and

- Do not let coaches visits be prolonged. 


Umpire Game Preparation 

1. Arrive at the park 30 min prior to the scheduled start time.

2. Meet your partner for the game.

3. Check the fence for holes and overall integrity.

4. Check the infield for holes, checking the lines, ensuring bag and plate are secure.

5. Check the out field for debris, holes and the location of the foul poles.

6. Get the game baseballs usually from the home coach.

7. Have the pre-game plate meeting 5 min prior to the scheduled start time.

8. Get the game started on time.


Midget Division - Wooden Bats

For the 2023 Season, the Midget Division must use wooden bats. Any type of metal/aluminum bat is prohibited.


Glasses / Sunglasses

Glasses / Sunglasses are not prohibited, and therefore can be worn by any player including the pitcher.


Lightning Safety

When thunder roars, go indoors! If you can hear thunder then you can potentially be struck by lightning. As an umpire, clear the field immediately from all players, coaches and yourself as an umpire. Have everyone seek shelter such as a building or return to their vehicles, preferably not a convertible. Stay inside for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder or site of lightning. Once 30 minutes has passed with no thunder or lightning event you may resume the game if daylight permits. 


Infield Fly Rule:

- Fair fly ball;

- Cannot be a bunted ball or line drive;

- It is in effect with runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd - less than 2 out;

- Caught by an infielder (or catcher, pitcher, outfielder playing the infield) with reasonable effort